Rachel Renae Genovese is a American girl who played on iNext, Eunice Metility and Kayla & Rachel.

Early Life

OK when Rachel got atopted she has good family on 2005 she was in third Grade and first met Next he had green hair Next and Rachel had a good life together on 2009 she cryed because the boys were showing 2012 movie and they let Next and Corey join and they were younger than Rachel.


  • Rachel's natural hair color is brown.
  • Rachel is the iNext Tec Producer.
  • She had Braces.
  • Her height is 5' 4".
  • She went to a One Direction Concert on 2014.
  • Rachel likes One Direction.
  • Rachel was eight years old when she met Next.
  • Rachel is the oldest iNext Character & Cast.


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