iNext is a Imaginary American TV Series that had four Series Fanialee's on 2007 when iCarly came on they just keep making iNext until November 28, 2012 They had the Final Movie on 2013 iNext Returns.

About the Show

Next Copeland this eight year old boy that does his own Webcast with Corey and Rachel One the First Episode of iNext they did not do a Webcast bacause Next was a Baby iNext had Series Fanialee's three times 1999 then 2002 then 2005 then on 2007 they keep making iNext iNext was kinda like iCarly and Drake and Josh.


  • iNext was kinda like two TV Shows that Miranda Cosgrove was on.
  • There are Two boys on iNext.
  • Rachel is the iNext Tec Producer like Freddie from iCarly.
  • Rachel is six months older than Kayla from iCarly.
  • Corey have the same zodiac sigh as Harry Styles from One Direction.

Characters & Cast

  • Next Copeland is the boy that has his own webcast with Corey and Rachel.
  • Corey Dawayne is Next's co host and his cousin that does the webcast with Next.
  • Rachel Genovese is the Tec Producer of iNext and Next's best friend.
  • Vickey Pugh is the funny girl that is kinda like Gibby from iCarly.

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