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Corey John Dawayne is this American Boy on the TV Series iNext, Eunice Metility and Corey and Robbie he played himself on iNext.

Early Life

Corey was born on February 12, 1998 Corey is shorter than Next but a little Taller than Rachel Now when Corey was living in Texas Next came to Texas to visit him Corey has one brothers and one sister Corey Dawayne is Next's co host for iNext.


  • Corey's hair is brown.
  • Corey and Next are Cousins.
  • Next and Corey's mom are sisters.
  • Corey is on the TV Series Corey and Robbie with Matt Bennett.
  • His height is 5' 4".
  • Corey and Rachel got in Trouble together.
  • Corey used to be short.
  • He passed his drivers test.
  • He has a black truck.
  • He got kicked out of the Transition Academy.


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